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Welcome to the Goalgetters' Member Resources page – your one-stop shop for all things fabulous, fierce, and female entrepreneurship! Here, you'll find everything you need to fuel your business dreams: from must-have assets to invaluable connections with like-minded boss babes who've got your back through thick and thin. It's where your entrepreneurial journey gets a serious upgrade. So, grab your coffee (or wine, we don't judge), and let's conquer the world, one goal at a time!

Monthly Connect Recordings

January 2024
February 2024
March 2024


November 2023 - Angela Reiter: "Charting Your Course for 2024 and Beyond"

January 24, 2024 Zoom Training-How to Get the Most out of Promo Monday

February 7, 2024- Zoom Training:
"Rock Your Listing: A Google Business Boost Bash:

February 21, 2024  - Zoom Training: "Optimizing Your Goalgetter Member Directory Listing

March 6, 2024  - Zoom Training: "Five Easy Steps to Audit Your Instagram

May 1 2024  - Zoom Training: DIY Business Audit

April 3, 2024  - Zoom Training: Email Marketing Resources

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